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Markfield Equestrian Centre

PLEASE CALL 01530 242373


# Clear Round Training classes to British Show Jumping quality and standard. Built by BS course designer.
# A choice of two numbered courses at each height set throughout the day.
# Additional advice and support available, only if required, by Graham Savory BHSII SM. BS Course designer.

  • £8 per round
  • 11:00 start with 75cm
  • Open to horses and ponies ( distances will be set for horses )
  • First aid cover is included in entry fee.
  • No alterations of course dimension or distances are allowed by any competitors or persons acting on their behalf.
  • In the event of poor weather and therefore the possibility of cancellation of a Thursday training day, please contact Graham
    Markfield Equestrian Centre 01530 242373 / Graham Savory 07884 332496

Every Thursday from 6th October 2016 through to 30th March 2017 inclusive.

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